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Stainless Steel Grills
Stainless Steel Grills are now available.  For more info see products page

News at Black Spruce Gear

  • 2016 - Check out our "Reviews" page to see what some of your fellow trekkers thing of their Black Spruce Gear fireboxes.
  • 2013-08-01 Made a couple of small modifications to the firebox, namely the front plates. The top one is slightly smaller to allow larger pieces of wood to be inserted and the lower one is redesigned to hold on to the tabs better.
  • 2012-02-01 We are currently in production mode making another batch of our fireboxes and grills to be ready for this year's camping season. Look for our ad in the Algonquin Park publication.
  • 2012-12-01 New stainless steel pins. After testing our new quick-release pins on the Nahanni River this summer, we are pleased to announce that these will be shipped with all new stoves starting in January. If you have purchased a stove and would like to use the new pins, send us an email (or order on-line) and we will be happy to mail them to you at cost ($20.00 for a set of 5 Pins, shipping included). These are marine grade stainless steel detente pins with rings. Click here for a picture. SS_Pins.
  • 2011-02-01 Our new custom made grills will be available on Feb 20, 2011. Check out our products page in the coming days for more information. Of course, they will be stainless steel and made in Canada.
  • 2010-06-21 - As of July 1, 2010 we will be registered with GST and therefore charging GST and/or HST as applicable. Non-HST provinces will only pay GST, US orders pay no tax.
  • 2010-04-22 - Look for us as an advertiser in the Ottawa Outdoor Magazine - Spring edition
  • 2010-04-21 - Completed the stove production and made 55 units.
  • 2010-03-01 - We've just started building our 3rd production run. We expect a minimum of 50 stoves to be available by the end of March. Just in time for sprint trekking. We will have to adjust the price a bit, but won't do so until the current stock is depleted. Don't wait, only a few left in stock.
  • 2009-01-01 - Black Spruce Gear is currently manufacturing our 2nd production run of stoves.


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