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Stainless Steel Grills
Stainless Steel Grills are now available.  For more info see products page

Company History

Black Spruce Gear was created to provide trekkers with a viable alternative to camp stoves which use gas, naptha, butane, propane and other fuel products. The unnecessary use of these fuels, their non-refillable containers, and their negative environmental impact spawned the idea of the Black Spruce Gear company and the design of its eco-friendly products.

Inspiration for the design of a lightweight eco-friendly firebox/campstove came during a 25-day trip down the Snake River in the Yukon territory and from the difficulties encountered in transporting fuel bottles on commercial flights; purchasing the fuel and containers locally; portaging the fuel and containers; and then disposing or reusing the empty containers.

The design criteria was a stove that would: be lightweight; pack into a small carrying case; sized for 4-6 trekkers and use small sticks and branches in an efficient manner.

There's a plethora of stoves out there that trekkers are currently using. I wanted mine to incorporate the best design and environmental elements in a single unit. Design concepts utilized by M.J. Eberhart (Nomad stoves), Bill Mason inspired fireboxes and others, were fused with my own elements to produce the Black Spruce Gear environmental firebox/stove.

The first prototypes were built and field tested in the spring and summer of 2008.


Mission Statement

Striving to reduce the environmental impact of camping, through the design and production of innovative eco-friendly outdoor gear.

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